A Unique Yoga Studio

in the Heart of Steveson Village

Richmond, British Columbia


class descriptions

Gentle Hatha

Gentle Hatha is exactly that! Gently coax your body into easy poses that give profound results. Ideal for those with limitations due to injuries, stiffness, arthritis, back issues, etc. Safely progress to Hatha by starting with Gentle Hatha.  



This is it! Your Beginner class in classical yoga poses to learn the foundation of yoga. Learn to do standing postures, semi inverts, backbends, twists and forward bends at your level with the use of props. Hatha poses keep muscles supple, improve overall flexibility, reduce stiffness in joints, detoxify vital organs, improve digestion, reclaim good posture, improve sleep quality and keep the mind focused and alert. See you there!



Vinyasa is a dynamic practice which emphasizes stability and strength in equal proportion to flexibility. Focusing on present moment awareness, it links one posture to the next in a unique flow, which, in essence, is a manifestation of the subtle movement of the life force, of prana. Vinyasa promotes balance; a balance of strength and flexibility, lightness and heaviness, movement and stillness. Through vinyasa one may come to know the vibration of life. This integration arises when breathing and movement become one. The mind is then set free and the practice becomes like a meditation in motion, and can act as a conduit for a deeper exploration of our core identity and being. This is an intermediate class.



Ever just want to hang out in a stretch it feels so good? This is it! A YIN pose is held long enough to safely open the joints, ligaments and connective tissues. Leave with an overall feeling of lightness, spaciousness and peace. Benefits similar to a deep massage occur in the body and a feeling of well being is achieved. Recommended for continuing beginners and slightly more challenging than Restorative yoga.



If you love Gentle Hatha, you will love this series of gentle postures supported by props to induce the relaxation response. Restorative poses give you the rest you miss during the day or from lack of deep restful sleep. By quieting the body in a restful pose, you create an inner environment for the body to heal and the mind to experience profound rest. The class is recommended for everyone and particularly those with chronic pain, anxiety or insomnia. This is the easiest class offered by Perfect Hearts.


JOGA (Yoga for the Athlete)

Are you an athlete or want to move like one? This class is a series of  active strength based postures that focus on core stabilization and upper and lower body strength. Starting with a warm ups and some balancing poses, this overall FUN practice will take you through your paces with modifications given to everyone. You can do more than you think!


Candlelight Hatha

Back by popular demand! A calming atmosphere of candlelight lends a spiritual peacefulness to your experience. This beginner Hatha yoga class cover all the basics of stretch, strengthen,  tone and final relaxation. It is an ideal time to drop in and melt away the week’s stresses while systematically working through the classical yoga poses.